About Rarma Fund

Take Your Investing to the Next Level

Our excellent local networks, cross-border intercultural understanding and a clear investment approach are key contributing factors to our success. We are exceptionally familiar with the special requirements of institutional investors. This knowledge ensures the correct groundwork and structure throughout the entire process. Our vision, mission, and values outline what distinguishes us from other companies. They are an expression of our self-image and provide clear guidelines for our activities - today and in the future.

While our investment solutions are built on technology, they're backed by real people. Our team's deep industry knowledge and experience means that we understand the world you operate in and how we can best deliver outcomes for you. We aim to work with you for the long term, providing equities execution, clearing and settlement services, and equities administration solutions to support and drive sustained benefits for your investment.

As we work to combine our complementary strengths and create a unique firm for the industry, we remain committed to delivering a best-in-class experience for self-directed investors and traders.

Our distinctive take on investing means that each of our funds brings something very different to your portfolio - investments that are often undervalued and overlooked but with the potential to increase in value in the long term. At Rarma Fund, our investment philosophy is simple - we take a contrarian approach, apply it consistently and invest for the long term.

A full range of expertise

Our team of professionals brings together decades of experience from leading investment institutions and technology companies. Our Board of Directors provides invaluable expertise from decades of leading global businesses and hands-on investing in private equity. We are backed by an outstanding group of leading professionals from the broader PE ecosystem. 85 CEOs, founders and senior executives from companies like Accel, Goldman Sachs and KKR, support us with their capital and their advice.

Rarma Fund boasts a remarkable growth and track record and has demonstrated its ability to develop quickly, thanks to its corporate culture, its open and scalable industrial model, and a wide spectrum of investment expertise.

A highly diversified and enriched choice of investment solutions and strategies allows Rarma Fund to meet the expectations and risk profiles of all its clients. With locations and teams in all major mature and emerging markets in the world, and intimate knowledge of both international and local regulations, Rarma Fund is uniquely positioned as a global player that can offer proximity services and localized products and solutions to its clients.

We are committed to our operations-led approach which aims to establish and follow best-in-class practices for acquiring, developing and operating reliable investment assets. Our range of products and services extends from funds of funds to individual alternative investment structures (Managed Accounts) and advisory services. Our solutions always meet the particular tax and regulatory specifications of institutional investors.

With innovative investment solutions and competent advice we help institutional investors to build a sustainably successful investment strategy. Our values guide our actions. They dictate how we treat each other as colleagues and how we conduct ourselves when interacting with our customers and partners. Our values help us achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.